Certified Personal Trainer

I’m passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals through a variety of methods. I have worked in private gyms as well as rehabilitation facilities administering training sessions with individuals ranging in age from 18-70 and varying levels of abilities and disabilities. My extensive certifications in sports and fitness enable me to provide sports conditioning training, personal training, physician referrals, customized fitness programs for diabetes and obesity and dietary and nutritional advice. I have been active in sports and fitness my entire life including a semi-professional football career in the UK and numerous coaching positions.


My Approach

Maximum results through effective use of your limited time

With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s hard for people to find time to get to the gym. With the limited time we have these days, it’s crucial that you use the time for exercise most effectively to get the greatest results. Making sure you train specifically to your goals and needs. I’m a firm believer in functional training, which is essentially mimicking the movements you experience in every day life in order to relieve and stress or strain on your body.  


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